"Today I had a cookie....

A cookie that  my sister made for my mom’s birthday. I ate it and felt satisfied, I didn’t look to see how many the other people around the table ate. I didn’t reach for another one fearing that I might never get to experience the instant gratification of the melting chocolate chips. It wasn’t a weekend, or a dedicated “cheat day”, it was a Wednesday.
Nicolette is an Angel who guided me to this place of sincere bliss and gratitude for my body. Her kind wisdom woke up the Goddess within me and I am forever grateful for her patiences and passion. Thank you Nicolette" -SF

1:1 Private Coaching

Why choose 1:1 coaching?  Because women thrive with the support of other women who understand disordered eating and can guide them to where they want to go.  You are not alone in your struggle.  


You know when you have been selling yourself short and when you have prioritized others in your life instead of yourself....And that inevitably shows up in your relationship with food.

You have a unique food story, so your healing journey with me will be 100% personalized. Your program is customized for YOUR specific needs, goals and preferences.  The process is gentle and enjoyable yet extremely effective and transformative.

When you surround yourself with people that have the vibe that you like and gravitate towards, you're more likely to succeed...we are energetic beings and we can elevate just by being around others that inspire us. 

What I find to be true over and over is that when you connect with others that have accomplished what you desire, you gain access to their energy and that supports your growth in profound ways.  It gives you momentum.

This process is not about using will power or muscling through anything....it's about using the natural forces of energy, pleasure, community, coherence and the higher powers that be to support us in healing.

Sound interesting?  It is... it's how I've achieved my own success and taught other women how to relax into this process and heal with ease and grace.  I'm not interested in things being difficult!  

We don't always know what the connection is, but I trust that it is always there for an important reason.  Follow your heart and if you feel drawn to work with me I would love to explore if we truly are a perfect match.

The first step is to schedule a 20 minute complimentary phone or in-person health consultation.  

I want to hear what you’re looking to accomplish and how I can support you.  Every woman that works with me gets her own unique program, customized homework assignments and support for her specific goals and her highest good.

During the consultation, I will ask you about your goals, concerns, answer your questions, discuss how I work and together we will decide if we are a good match.

You always have the freedom to choose the path to your personal development, and if it is one of my programs, I am certain that you will awaken to a newfound passion for health and healing.

When you decide to take responsibility for your health, you are investing in your future. You are investing in your vitality, quality of life and you are investing in your loved ones.  

When we are healthy and fulfilled, we offer the most energetic, positive, valuable version of ourselves to our families, careers and life.  We give them a massive gift. However, this gift is really for you to bring forward your best self...you deserve to spend the rest of your life feeling peaceful and free around food.  

You will be eating for the rest of your life... it's time to release the struggle.

It’s your job to heal your story. The story that you have been telling yourself about food is a reflection of the story of your life.  Some of it is true, some of it is not…we will discern what supports and nourishes you and heal the parts that do not. I cannot do the work for you, but I can guide you towards the most authentic, awakened version of yourself at the dinner table.

The truth is that you are amazing. You are whole, you are enough as you are.  Together, we will bring this to the forefront of your relationship with food and everything will fall into place.  The Universe has your back. It is safe to trust this process.  You're here on purpose and you have a life to live outside of thinking about food.

Say this with me:

“I am committed to healing my relationship with food and my body. I am open to seeing myself in a new way. I intend to shed the thoughts, feelings, beliefs that no longer serve me.  It is safe to trust this process. I choose to know and believe that I can do this too. It is safe to be guided.”

Each program reinforces your commitment to transformation by keeping you on track and inspiring you to stay focused on your goals. 

Whether ongoing support is what you desire or the accountability in your development, you can save on the cost by enrolling in a program instead of individual sessions.  

Depending on your needs, there are several options to choose from.

Each option includes a 90 minute intake session that is all about you, your story, your goals and gives you an idea which direction we will need to go in order to get you the results that you want.  

Following the intake, each option provides you with additional weekly or biweekly 75 minute sessions in person or phone, email support in between sessions and my personal commitment to your success. 


*IOP description below.

*All sessions must be used within 1 year from date of purchase.* 

What others are saying about healing disordered eating:

"Thank you beyond words for being you, for listening, for understanding, for getting it, and for helping me with the connections (food, well-being, spirituality) I have needed help pulling it all together."  - Diane 

"Your program has exceeded my expectations - it has given me the push and support to change my thoughts about food and my body.  It's so much bigger than what I was eating and now I know what you mean about embodiment being the foundation for healing my relationship with food.  I didn't even know that I wasn't fully present.  I know how to shift back now and that not only affects what/how I eat, but it affects everything!"  - Janine

"This was the best investment that I have ever made in myself.  I was worried initially, but after addressing my eating issues, I feel like I have a new lease on life.  I wish I met you years ago and saved myself so much time worrying and stressing.  Thank you for giving me the support that I needed." -  Judy

"People have been telling me that I seem so different now!  You have helped me pinpoint so many of my limiting beliefs that I didn't know that I had.  Now I feel freer, I eat healthier than ever, my digestion is better than it has been in years and I feel lighter.  Thank you so much for your guidance! - Tracy


"I have never gotten this far before.  I always feel so much better after our sessions and you give me so much insight.  I have struggled for over twenty years and I finally feel like this is a major turning point.  Thank you so much!" - Sharon 

Exclusive Programs:


(4 months - 16 sessions)

Excellent for those who have multiple health goals and are ready for a powerful lifestyle shift and newfound vitality.  You will receive extensive support, commitment, accountability and new practical and spiritual tools for success. This option is a powerful catalyst for an enhanced and upgraded relationship with food & body.     
*Payment plan:  $410 x 8 biweekly payments

**Inquire about a pay in full discount​


Recovery Coaching (7 months - 28 sessions)​ 

This program is for individuals experiencing mild to moderate disordered eating symptoms and in need of comprehensive, intensive treatment.  For those that are struggling with binge eating, overeating, food/sugar addiction, exercise addiction, anorexia, bulimia or other issues with food/weight, this option provides an opportunity for recovery by resolving unwanted habits and provides a newfound ability to make peace with food and body. 

Recovery Coaching addresses values/identity, body image, nutrition/fitness, coping skills, core issues, holistic self-care and incorporates relapse prevention. Treatment involves recovering from dieting mentality, learning healthy coping skills, finding freedom with conscious choice and reclaiming one’s “True Self.” 

This program provides support, compassion, accountability and facilitates transformation by focusing on the root cause of the disordered eating while providing symptom resolution.    

*Payment plan:  $380 x 14 biweekly payments

**Inquire about a pay in full discount


(1 month - daily sessions)

This option is for the woman who needs and wants a serious transformation from disordered eating and is ready to dive in - right away.  You want to see change happen quickly and want to condense months of Recovery Coaching work into one.  In addition to phone sessions (some in-person if local) you will have unlimited access to me daily for the length of the program.  

We will have sessions and will be communicating daily regarding every aspect of your health - from your meals, your moods, your challenges, your movement, your supplements, your beliefs, your successes and your setbacks.  Together we will create a drastic shift in your energy and belief system around food and exercise through intense mindset work, practical techniques, powerful energy work, assignments for reinforcement and accountability.  

I will also provide you with customized suggestions for daily meals based on your current health and goals using a holistic approach and intuitive guidance.  You will work closely with me to uncover the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from meeting your goals and you will develop a whole new perspective and a passionate new approach to your health, body and future.

*Payment plan: $1400 x 4 weekly payments

*Pay in full $5475


For individuals that are in need of increased support and some supported meals.  IOP care is generally around 3 hours per day 2-3 days per week.  IOP includes Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy, coaching and supported meals.  Medical stability is required at this level of care.
$995 - $1495 per week for minimum of 8 weeks


$275 for 90 minutes


This option is for clients who have already had a minimum of 5 sessions.  You will work with me for a half day (approximately 4 hours), and by the end of our time together, your pantry and refrigerator contents will be upgraded and supportive of your new lifestyle!  You will have a new supply of enhancing, healthy, high quality foods, meal ideas, convenient options for quick meals/snacks and you’ll be rid of all of the diminishing foods and products that no longer serve you. This option provides a full refrigerator and pantry clean out and a trip to the grocery store to restock your kitchen with beautifying/energizing/healthy foods.  *Must be within a 25 miles of Westwood, NJ*Does not include grocery store purchases One payment: $675



I’m SO excited to offer an amazing, unique ONLINE SELF-STUDY PROGRAM that will help you reclaim your personal power and transform your health, body and relationship with food. It's an amazing gift to give yourself the opportunity to heal from disordered eating. You will gain so much knowledge and understanding of why we have the challenges with food, learn how to shift your thinking, shift your energy and apply the practical and spiritual tools - it will change your life! 

I'm beyond thrilled to create this program that incorporates the BEST of my coaching techniques, teaching and will be accessible for life to review.  

So many of my clients have said they wish they could write down everything that I said and review over and over.  My energy is integrated into every part of the online program.  As with all of my coaching, I put my heart and soul into this program. Learn to shift your mindset and finally find freedom and peace with food!​ 

Get on the email list and be among the first to take part in this amazing opportunity to heal your relationship with food in the comfort of your own home...and at your own pace.  

Many blessings from my heart to yours.

I love you.