Nutrition for Mind, Body and Soul


Hi!  I’m Nicolette – a health coach, Certified Eating Psychology Specialist and catalyst for change.  

I know that you will LOVE having a healthy, peaceful relationship with food.  It will lighten you up and energize your life in a massive way.

Diets don’t work, but our relationship with food changes everything…

I know that my purpose in life is to share my knowledge and gifts and to help you manifest the health, body and life that you want.

The mind-body-spirit techniques that I teach are profound and invaluable to me and countless others. I want the same for you.

You found yourself here for a reason.  You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. You’ve got this.



I specialize in emotional eating, binge eating, weight management and mindful techniques - not another diet. Nourishment is nutrition for the deeper levels of mind, body and spirit... that desire our attention. 

In Eating Psychology, we say “How we do food is how we do life.”  Our relationship with food often directly reflects how we approach our lives…are we satisfied, engaged, aware, excited and nourished?  Or are we hungering for more pleasure and fulfillment?

Transforming your thoughts is the key to successful eating and long term weight management.

Imagine how great you will feel at a healthy weight, with more energy and more body confidence.  Because aren’t these things priceless?

My exclusive 1:1 coaching and online self-study program is the missing puzzle piece in the field of nutrition.  We have hundreds of diets to choose from, yet, our country’s health statistics are terrifying.  

You have the power to create change and I’m going to show you impactful, spiritual, practical and enjoyable techniques to incorporate new, healthy habits in your life for lasting transformation.  

The power is yours to create a more radiant, energetic you.  You deserve it!


 Have you been wanting to increase your energy or lose weight? End disordered eating or food addiction? Stop binge or emotional eating?  


I want you to know that you already have all the power that you need to recover from unwanted eating habits, find freedom with food, get the body you want and live a more pleasurable, fulfilled life.


Call (201)681-9805 to schedule a complimentary 20 minute consultation or fill out a mini-form HERE and you will receive a call within 48 hours.


In order to live our happiest, most fulfilled, healthy life, we must look towards our whole being…mind body and spirit. The secret to success lies in exploring these areas.  Our health and overall wellness depends on seeking and maintaining balance with all parts of ourselves, however it is a journey that often needs the support and guidance of others who can offer compassion and accountability.




Feeding your body wisely and nourishing your soul creates health, harmony, beauty and power. I will support you as you transform your relationship with food and your body.  



“Holy crap!  This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!  I have spent too much time worrying about food, I’m tired.  I want to lose weight for good and learn to be happier with my body.”  – Laura


“Meeting with Nicolette was very insightful. She possesses a gentle, non judgmental spirit and our give and take sessions allowed me the space to disclose information about myself with complete confidence that it would go no further than those 4 walls. She is really gifted.”  – Lisa


“Deepest gratitude for your insights and wisdom and walking me through this.  I’ve never gotten this far before.  Thank you for helping me I want you to know how very grateful I am.” – Cynthia


“You have a way of explaining things to me that really help me to understand why I make the choices that I make.  I feel energized after eating now and it’s so different from how I’m used to feeling. I now know how it feels to be peaceful and not stressed around food.  Thank you so very much for all that you have taught me!” – Julie

So much of the current nutrition advice and dieting mentality focuses on “good” foods versus “bad” foods, controlling portions, calories, grams, meal plans, etc.  Instead of using “will power” or control, you will learn how to easily and gently change your unwanted eating behaviors by what feels enhancing, pleasurable and nourishing.

 Mind Body Nutrition teaches us that there are no good or bad foods. There are opportunities to explore what our bodies really want and we learn to navigate and heal our unique food stories.  The more we invite awareness into our eating habits, the more likely we are to reach our goals.



  • naturally regulate your appetite;
  • achieve a healthy weight;
  • let go of food and dieting guilt and toxic thoughts;
  • increase your energy and pleasure;
  • balance your macronutrient intake;
  • better manage digestion and mood;
  • tune into your body’s wisdom;
  • feel happy and confident in your body;


I invite you to unapologetically put yourself first.  Not only will you LOVE your newfound energy, but your loved ones will also benefit because you will have more to give to them – and to the universe.  The life purpose that you have, the desire in your heart to enjoy life, to be healthy and happy each day are all attainable.  They are yours.


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