Hi! I'm Nicolette and my passion is to inspire lasting transformation.

Diet and exercise.  

Eat less and move more.  

Sometimes it's not that simple.  I knew that there had to be a better way to feel amazing in our bodies, enjoy eating great food and have a ton of energy.  But our current nutritional field is failing us in a massive way.   Women try diet after diet, meal plans, pills, shakes, excessive workouts and STILL struggle with food, body image, motivation, will power and self-sabotage.

Here's the truth that the diet industry doesn't tell us --> 98% of diets fail and they ultimately stress us out, make us feel tired, grouchy, unfulfilled, deprived of pleasure, resentful and disconnected from our bodies...(the very things that KEEP weight on and keep you running back to the refrigerator).

The good news is that we can break this cycle by forming a deeper connection with our bodies, establishing a new mindset and a cultivating a new, loving relationship with food.  

When we learn to truly nourish ourselves, then eating healthy is EASY!

>> It is then that we are free from ever being on another diet again!<<

Have you lost weight only to sabotage yourself and gain it back?  

If you have repeated this pattern for years or decades then.... we might be a perfect match. <3

Although, I have to tell you that if you want a "magic pill" then my programs are not for you.  My programs are meant to give you freedom and peace around food for the rest of your life while maintaining a naturally healthy weight.  

Being on the other side of dieting mentality is the most liberating, energizing, loving thing you will experience! If you feel any of this resonate with you, I wouldn't put it off any longer.  

Your time is now.


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Why Eating Psychology?


What women are saying about the programs:

"Nicolette, you are such a beautiful soul, I feel so blessed to have met you because in all my years of reading books and going to regular therapy it was on the thinking/knowledge level only... so it's AMAZING to have you in person to make it REAL and help me connect to my long neglected body and spirit...You are a gifted spiritual guide as well as a fantastic nutritional guide and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"      - Diane T. 

"Meeting with Nicolette was very insightful. She possesses a gentle, non judgmental spirit and our give and take sessions allowed me the space to disclose information about myself with complete confidence that it would go no further than those 4 walls. She is really gifted." 

- Lisa D. 

"Working with Nicolette has changed my relationship with food in ways I never knew were possible.  Nicolette always makes you feel at ease and helps you sort out your personal truth. For years I spent all of my time anguishing about food and the role it played in my daily life.  This is no longer my thought pattern.  I feel so free!" - Sharon

"I wanted to let you know how amazing your program has been for me in healing my relationship with food.  Your wisdom is always exactly what I need to hear at the right time. I love the spiritual part of your coaching because I now understand that it's all connected.  I am so grateful for your all of your help!  And I actually look forward to the homework!" 

- Laura H. 

"I had been looking for a program that incorporates a spiritual perspective.  I know that my challenges were about more than just the food. I wanted to know WHY I am eating the way I do and WHY I haven't been able to succeed long term at any of the diets I've tried.  I finally know why.  This program has changed my life!  Don't waste your time or money on more diets.  When the student is ready the teacher will appear is so true for me! Nicolette will empower you to help you make connections that you've never made before.  You have to value yourself enough to go for it!"  - Heather M.

"This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!  I have spent too much time worrying about food. I want to lose weight for good and learn to be happier with my body. Deepest gratitude for your insights and wisdom and walking me through this.  I’ve never gotten this far before.  Thank you for helping me I want you to know how very grateful I am." 

- Cynthia V. 

The healing process is...

about showing up for yourself. It's not selfish to take care of yourself, it's actually generous because your loved ones, your career, your life purpose and the world benefits when you truly show up for yourself and others.  

Hiding from our light, our divine essence, creates so many problems.  Knowing and embracing your True Self is the key to feeling balanced, happy and Nourished for Life. Because I've BTDT, I know the way out of the darkness.

I am honored to share my knowledge and gifts to support you in igniting or reigniting your desire for greater health, improved nutrition, personal growth and spiritual development.  You can do this!



You know when you're ready to transform.... you don't have to suffer any longer.

Listen to that voice

That is the first step towards peace and freedom with food.  The next step is to align with someone that feels supportive.  It's safe to ask for help. We don't have to figure everything out on our own. 

Yes it can feel a little scary... you can still take one small step today.

Yes you can transform habits that you've had for a long time, I will show you how.

Yes you know when someone is a good match to support and guide you, listen to your intuition.

Yes YOU can do this too.

Current research in Neuroscience proves to us that we can purposefully alter the way our brains function.  We can literally shed our old way of being and create a new and improved version of ourselves. There are techniques that we will use to get you to where you want to go.

The amazing part is that this process can be much easier than you are currently thinking that it can be!  A health coach supports you every step of the way.

I support women who have been struggling for DECADES with binge eating, eating disorders, disordered eating, emotional eating and their transformation has been remarkable.  They shift in profound ways... far beyond weight loss.  Eating Disorder Therapy requires us to look at mind, body and soul.

I've often been their "last resort."  They have tried everything.  And then they shed their old food/body/life story...  It's magical to witness and I am truly honored to be able to support my clients.  It's what fuels me to keep doing what I'm doing.

I know what it feels like to not have peace and freedom with food and I know how amazing it feels to get to the other side of the struggle. It's yours if you choose. Be in the energy of the people that inspire you.

The reality is that we have been misled.  We are taught to analyze every calorie, carb and fat gram.  But the answer is not in counting macronutrients.  That lifestyle is stressful and toxic...and doesn't work for most women.

Turning back to the wisdom that you already have is how you will heal.  

Disembodiment is the foundation for disordered eating.  

Embodiment is the foundation for healing.

If you don't know what that means, it's ok. You will and it will change your life.

Are you ready?!

If you desire to....


  • shift your energy around food;
  • naturally regulate your appetite;
  • normalize your eating habits;
  • become an intuitive eater;
  • let go of food/dieting guilt and toxic thoughts;
  • increase your energy and pleasure;
  • balance your macronutrient intake;
  • better manage digestion and mood;
  • tune into your body’s wisdom;
  • feel happy and confident in your body...

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Stay Connected, Be Inspired


Things have a way of working out... I ask that you trust this process and trust that you have found yourself here for a reason.  I know that you can do this!

In order to live our happiest, most fulfilled, healthy life, we must look towards our whole being…mind body and spirit. Our health and overall wellness depends on seeking and maintaining balance with all parts of ourselves, however it is a journey that often needs the support and guidance of others who can offer compassion and accountability. 

So much of the current nutrition advice and dieting mentality focuses on “good” foods versus “bad” foods, controlling portions, restrictions,  meal plans, etc.  

Instead of using “will power” or control, you will learn how to easily and gently change your unwanted eating behaviors by what feels enhancing, pleasurable and nourishing.  It's natural and innate...we just need to reconnect.

Find out which program will meet your needs.  

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